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Frequently Asked Questions...
​​​​​​​What happens in bad weather such as heavy rainfall?
If it rains (heavily), we will not sail. It must ultimately be an unforgettable trip for you.
A short rain shower can be absorbed by our convertible top and / or a short stop at a catering establishment along the water.
Together we determine a new date, without additional costs.
There will be no refund of your booking, because together we will determine a new date.
This re-booking is therefore free of charge for you and unlimited in time.

Do the prices on your website include VAT?
Yes, unlike other charter companies, our prices include our captain, fuel, port dues and VAT.
Only the meals and drinks on board are not included, unless this is explicitly stated.
Our prices are calculated in Euros.

Are children welcome on board?
Of course! The parent and / or responsible for the child remains responsible. For safety reasons, children should always wear a life jacket.

Can we sail ourselves?
No. Our boat is always rented including a skipper.
People who are in possession of a correct and valid boat license (certainly bring it) may also send, but the maneuvers are always done by our skipper.
Our skipper can also take over the helm at any time if he deems it necessary.

Where does our cruise start?
We depart as standard from the "Snepkaai" Marina in Ghent.
Our prices are also calculated on this.
Other departure locations are possible, but for this an additional price, agreed in advance, will always be charged for the extra voyage to that departure location.
GPS = Snepkaai, 9000 Ghent

How many people can sail with it?
Our boat offers (comfortable) space for a maximum of 8 passengers.

How fast do we sail?
A speed limit applies on inland waterways depending on the watercourse that we sail.
On average, the speed is around 10 km / h.
If there are fast shipping zones on the route, we are allowed to sail fast up to 60 km / h in the weekend and during the week (after 5 pm).
For this you pay an additional price, see our "prices" section for additional fuel consumption.

Can overnight stay on board?
No, that is not possible.
We can, depending on your budget, look for a suitable hotel and / or B&B on our shipping route.

Are pets allowed on board?
No, for hygienic reasons we cannot allow pets.
Even though our interior is equipped with a luxury carpet and luxury leather seats.

Can own drinks be brought on board?
No, drinks can be obtained on board.
See our "drinks & food" section for our range and prices.

Can you sail all year round?
No, in October we take our boat out of the water for winter storage and annual maintenance.
The new sailing season starts at the end of March.

Is there a danger of becoming seasick?
No, on the inland waterways we have not yet had anyone who fell ill. Since there are no waves it is very stable to sail. Our boat weighs almost 3 tons when loaded, which ensures sufficient stability.

Are you requesting an advance upon reservation?
Yes, we confirm your reservation on the basis of a detailed contract. It contains all the useful information and the GPS address where you are expected. This contract is always sent by e-mail so that, if desired, you can keep everything as a surprise for your partner. We also ask you to pay an advance. The balance is paid in cash on board at the end of the package.